Wednesday, June 13, 2012

firefly summer

Summer has settled in all around us and I can't help but notice the signs that tell me it is a season for small wonders and simplicity. For some, summer brings long vacations and high adventure amusement parks and weekend road trips all bumped up against each other. For others, summer is quietly whispering its name across backyards and lazy mornings and the sparkle of firefly's as the sun goes down each night.

As a storm of a spring is settling down around here I am longing for the summer filled with simplicity. Don't get me wrong, this gal loves a good vacation and a little roller coaster from time to time... but these baby steps into summer are leading my heart towards days filled with the slow moments that let me see my kids each day, really see them, and hear the lull of the crickets at night as we sit in our back porch and watch the firefly's come out to play.

I believe there is a reason our Creator intends for us to have a regular Sabbath, a day of rest. I also really believe in sabbath like seasons. There are times when you need a day, no not a day, but days lined up against each other with the intentions of nothing really happening. The beauty though is that a lot happens on these days filled with "nothing". My slowest days are the days that I really sit down and finish that game of Candyland, really laugh with my kids and see deep into their souls as we sit and read a stack of books together as we swing back and forth on the ole' porch swing. On our slowest days we start the day on the outside porch and let the fuzzy blanket keep us warm huddled together while we make breakfast last an hour around that big table. These are the days where I can sit in the green grass and find cloud shapes and know my kids are laying next to me, content to be doing the same and not begging for something or someone to entertain them, simply because I've let myself be still and quiet right along side them. The slow summer days are ones where we sit down together for all our meals and find our way back to the yard for snacks while we chat about nothing in particular. There is no rush to be anywhere and the babe can nap whenever he wants and my heart is still. When the firefly's come out at night, we are there. Ready and willing to chase them.

This transition into summer is slow, but steady. I am making small plans and letting the days be filled with nothing so that big somethings can happen around this home. Somethings like us all really seeing and hearing and being together. Our tones in our voices say it all and the way my boys find my lap more naturally at the end of the day tell me that this summer with the firefly's is just what we needed. The beauty of firefly's is that they are small and go unnoticed to the hurried eye. But, to the one who stops and sees them and takes time to chase them finds that they bring much wonder and joy to the holder. Thank you summer for finding your way to us. As tradition lies here, we have made our to-do list for our summer and like most years many fun things have been added. The one I hold the dearest this season though is number 7...catch  firefly's. I officially claim this our firefly summer. Happy summer to you all!